Residential Treatment

Children come into our care for a number of reasons. Often it’s because they have been abused, neglected or abandoned. Many struggle with depression and anxiety. Some exhibit harmful behavior because of exposure to substance abuse, domestic violence or other trauma during their childhood. All are welcome.

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Located in Farmington, Missouri, our Residential Treatment Center serves boys and girls, ages 10-21, from around the state.

A team of professionals, sometimes along with a caring family, works with each child to create a plan of treatment. The children reside in our safe, monitored and structured round-the-clock care program while they receive therapy, nurture and guidance. The children are assigned a mentor who spends time with them each week doing a variety of activities, including taking them to community events. Giving the children the opportunity to explore their spirituality is also a focus of the program. They may attend chapel services on campus as well as attend local churches in the community. Another main component of our program is providing therapeutic recreation as well as vocational opportunities—both on and off campus. They may attend the local school and move into a cottage with other teens and adult supervision. Eventually, with hard work and compassion, some children are able to return home. Others move into a facility with a less restrictive living arrangement, such as one of our Transitional Living homes.

In Texas, PCHAS offers Group Homes for children who have been removed from their families. These programs offer counseling and nurturing, but are not considered Residential Treatment.

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