Development Team

Donor Relations

Leadership Peter Updated Darker

Rev. Peter D. Crouch

Senior Vice President of Development

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Dev Sara Craig

Sara Craig

Director of Development
(Dallas, East Texas and North Louisiana)

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Dev Kathy Dodson

Kathy Dodson

Senior Development Officer
(Fort Worth and West Texas)

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Dev Sarah Grim

Sarah Grim

Development Officer
(Columbia and Central Missouri)

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Reagan Stone Headshot Web

Reagan Stone

Senior Development Officer
(Austin and Central Texas)

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Dev Banner Huggins

Banner Huggins

Development Officer
(San Antonio and Southwest Texas)

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Dev Debra Paulus

Debra Paulus

Senior Development Officer
(St. Louis and East Missouri)

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Dev Patty Kissinger

Patty Kissinger

Development Officer
(Springfield and West Missouri)

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Lisa Johnson Headshot@1X

Lisa Johnson

Senior Development Officer
(Houston and Southern Louisiana)

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James Wilcox Web

James Wilcox

Development Officer
(Dallas and East Texas)

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Tonya Johnson Headshot Web

Tonya Johnson

Development Officer
(Farmington and Southeast Missouri)

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Donna Lujan Headshot Web

Donna Lujan

Coordinator of Development Services

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Foundation Grants

Joanna Headshot Web

Joanna Tychowski

Director of Foundation Grants

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Marsha Hawkins Hourd Headshot Web

Marsha Hawkins-Hourd

Manager of Foundation Grants

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Marketing and Communications

Sibyl Kaufman Headshot Web

Sibyl Kaufman

Director of Marketing and Communication

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Noreen Obrien Headshot Web

Noreen O'Brien

Manager of Communication and Government Contracts

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Chris Perez Headshot Web

Chris Perez

Design Manager

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Alyssa Rueter Headshot Web

Alyssa Rueter

Digital Content Coordinator

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Jennifer Quintero Headshot Web

Jennifer Quintero

Manager of Volunteers (Texas)

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Parul Rohatgi Headshot Web

Parul Rohatgi

Coordinator of Volunteers (Houston)

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Chelsea Steward Headshot Web

Chelsea Steward

Coordinator of Volunteers (North Texas)

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