Capital Gifts

Capital Maintenance Projects   

Each year, PCHAS improves its existing buildings and homes which serve numerous children, youth, young adults and parents throughout Texas, Missouri and Louisiana. We invite you, your church or organization to donate a gift in support of our 2023 Capital Maintenance Fund.

Ways to Make Your Donation

For details about projects which are approved for private donations, contact a member of our development staff or call 800.888.1904. 

Thank you for your consideration.

Remaining 2023 Capital Maintenance Gift Opportunities

Location                          Description of Request                                          Est. Cost            

Farmington, MO           Campus parking lot addition and repair               $60,000

Farmington, MO           New desks, tables, and chairs for the
                                     renovated Enrichment Center                               $20,000

Springfield, MO             Remodel a bathroom suite – Ashley House          $8,000

Springfield, MO             Replace furniture at life expectancy: 10 dressers,
                                     loveseat, four large chairs, two end tables and
                                     an office chair. - Ashley House                               $8,000

Springfield, MO             Repair broken sidewalks – Ashley House             $4,000

Springfield, MO             Remove tree stump in  yard – Ashley House        $3,500

Springfield, MO             Update lighting & ceiling fans – Ashley House    $3,000


Waxahachie, TX             Convert Bridgehouse garage into
                                      training/conference room                                     $6,000

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Please call 800.888.1904 if you have any additional questions. Thank you!

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