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From Us to You
We don’t know you, but because you are reading this, we are sure of two things - you are brave and strong. You are faced with the most difficult decision, and we can’t imagine the emotions you feel. If we are the right family for your child, we promise he or she will grow up knowing of your incredible love and strength. Thank you for choosing life and for considering our family to be a part of this new life.

About the Grown Ups
We are Cyril (36) and Amy (34). We have known each other for 19 years and will celebrate our 14th wedding anniversary this year. We started dating in high school, so we have experienced many firsts together - first kiss, first jobs, first house. Cyril is an engineer, has a stable job and has always been an excellent provider for our family. Amy works part-time as a hospice nurse, which allows her to stay home with Liam and still practice nursing.

Best wishes to you,

Cyril and Amy

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