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Dear Birthparent, 

We are John and Krystal and we’d like to share with you a bit about who we are. 

Our Christian faith shapes who we are, inspires our work, and frames our family values of love, compassion, play, education, and serving others. We live into these values by enjoying time outdoors together, trying new restaurants, studying and reading, and being deeply involved in our community of faith at church. Krystal loves to play the djembe in a drumming group called the Drumsistas, and John loves to play the bagpipes. Both of us enjoy baseball and walks to the park with our three-year-old daughter. Krystal also loves to sew, craft, and read. John loves nature and would love to take the kids camping when they’re old enough.

We are choosing to adopt because we want our family to grow. While we are able to have biological children, we want to expand our family through adoption and share our love and compassion with another child.

Best wishes to you,

John and Krystal

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