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Dear Birthparents,

Thank you for the opportunity to let us share our story with you, while you make this selfless and brave decision for your child. We pray that God is watching over you and will bless you as you go through this journey.

Who We Are

We are Jessica and Trevor from Houston. Jessica was born in Houston and grew up with two older brothers. Trevor was born on the East Coast, and moved to Houston as a baby, and has a younger brother. We grew up only two miles away from each other but didn't meet until a high school church retreat over one thousand miles away in Colorado. During the evening gathering, we met for the first time. Jessica was, at first unsure of Trevor; he had long wild hair and was talking so loudly. Trevor was immediately smitten; and sometime later, Jessica would admit, that she was too. After the church retreat, we began to hang out all the time, by ourselves and with our friends. In between hanging out, Jessica would play the violin in the school orchestra and read lots of scientific books. Trevor would act in school plays and musicals and was always at the music store checking out the latest compact discs (That's right, CDs!). We went to Trevor's prom and Jessica's soccer banquet and loved spending time with each other. Once we graduated high school, we went our separate ways to college. Trevor to Stephen F. Austin State, and Jessica to the University of Dallas. We eventually moved back to Houston to pursue our careers. Jessica became a scientist and now does medical research for a prominent cancer hospital. Trevor worked in radio as a marketing director and now works at the same cancer hospital as Jessica doing community relations. 

Once we moved back to Houston, we spent more time with each other, fell in love, and were married in 2004. Going to baseball games, traveling, and spending time with our families and friends are just some of the things we like to do together. We especially like to be outdoors: going to the beach, visiting state and national parks, and barbecuing in our backyard. But our favorite thing in the whole world, is making each other laugh, a lot, all the time. 

We always knew we wanted to have kids, but believed when the time was right, God would reveal his plan to us. After years and years of failing to conceive, we believe God has answered our prayers in the form of adoption. Now we are hoping to meet birth parents that are the answer to our prayers, and that will help us continue our story. As birthparents, we know that you are brave, unselfish and caring in this decision to place your child with adoptive parents. A child that might share Trevor's love of music, watching sports, and going to the beach; or Jessica's love of science, ravel, and crafting. You would see that we could provide a loving and safe home for the child; and that the child would be loved by our family and friends. For this, we would be forever grateful. 

We are praying for you and your child, and we thank you for making this selfless decision. We believe that openness is an important part of adoption, and we can't wait for the opportunity to start a new chapter of our lives with you and your child. Please contact Presbyterian Children's Homes and Services (PCHAS) at 713-522-2800 or 1-800-543-2229. 

Best wishes to you,

Jessica and Trevor

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