Jessica and Trevor

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Dear Birthparents,

Thank you for the opportunity to let us share our story with you, while you make this selfless and brave decision for your child. We pray that God is watching over you and will bless you as you go through this journey.

Who We Are

We are Jessica and Trevor from Houston. Jessica was born in Houston and grew up with two older brothers. Trevor was born on the East Coast, and moved to Houston as a baby, and has a younger brother. We grew up only two miles away from each other, but didn't meet until a high school church retreat over one thousand miles away in Colorado. During the evening gathering we met for the first time. Jessica was, at first unsure of Trevor; he had long wild hair and was talking so loudly. Trevor, was immediately smitten; and sometime later, Jessica would admit, that she was too.

Best wishes to you,

Jessica and Trevor

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