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Dear Birthparent,

Although we don't know each other yet, we are praying every day for you and the baby.  We ask God to take care of you both and allow our paths to cross through adoption so we may have the opportunities to show love and attention to a child and become a family.  Neither of us have had any children and even prior to marriage, we had discussed adoption as a way to grow our family.  We feel so blessed that adoption allows us to have the chance to be parents and raise a child to become whoever they dream to be.  After experiencing three years of infertility, we believe God is leading us through this wonderful process of adoption and will bless us with a precious child.

We are both so eager to nurture, guide, and love a child as they grow and learn about life.  Through our personal experiences and our careers, we are confident we have so much to offer a child.  We both have established careers in Child Developmental Counseling and Engineering which allows for us to be financially stable and offer a good education and home for a child.  Our jobs allow us the flexibility to provide motherly love and care in the home during the week without necessarily having to place a child in daycare. We have many young children within our extended families and all the kids are excited to become cousins once we adopt.  We both enjoy family time with the babies and kids of our extended families and pray we have the same chances to be parents to spoil a child soon.

Best wishes to you,

Crystal and Michael

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