Brad and Buddy

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Brad And Buddy

We’re Brad and Buddy, and we’re so grateful that you are considering an adoption plan. We don’t know all the circumstances that brought you to this decision, but we are honored that you would consider trusting us to open our family to the child you brought into the world. Because we know that this is one of the most important decisions you’ll make, we want to share a little about our family and the home we would offer a child. 

As you prepare to bring a child into this world, we appreciate that you would consider trusting us to love and raise that child in a good, warm, and welcoming home. Our hope would be to have as much of an open relationship with our child’s birth parents as is good for both families. In an ideal situation, we believe that an open adoption works in everyone’s best interest—ours, our child’s, and yours—and we are willing to be creative in working with you to explore what that might look like for us. 

Best wishes to you,

Brad and Buddy

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