2024 Fall Luncheons

Jul 22, 2024 - 2024 Luncheons


Dare To Dream 24

These special fundraising events will showcase the life-changing work that we are doing in these communities. You will hear inspiring stories from our staff and the families in their care. Our theme this year is "Dare to Dream".

Springfield, Missouri
We hope you will join us Friday, September 27th in Springfield. 
Contact Kenn Tilus at 417.986.5366 or for details. 

Austin, Texas
Join us Friday, October 11th in Austin.
Contact James Lavender at 512.470.3256 or to get involved.

San Antonio, Texas
Join us Tuesday, October 22nd in San Antonio. 
Contact Banner Huggins at 210.843.5477 or to get involved.

St. Louis, Missouri
Join us Wednesday, October 30th in St. Louis.
Contact Laura Fleming at 972.878.4190 or to get involved.

Dallas, Texas
Join us Thursday, November 14th in Dallas. 
Contact Diane Pennington at  214.789.3291 or to get involved.

We have additional Luncheon Events that occur in the Fall. For more information on events in your local area, please contact your development officer here. 

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