How Are Foster Care & Adoption Case Managers Prepared to Help Families?

Apr 10, 2024 - In the News, Foster Care and Adoption


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Our case managers work tirelessly to ensure foster and adoptive families are supported and able to give kids the safe and nurturing care they deserve. They are committed and a blessing to PCHAS. Each individual chooses this work for a different reason, and their experiences, personalities, and expertise are an essential part of what makes PCHAS great.

Eddie Castlow is a PCHAS Case Manager in Cypress, Texas. He is a newer team member, but he’s not inexperienced. Eddie has a master’s degree in children and family studies and years of experience in ministry and human services case management. He is also a foster and adoptive dad. Like many of our staff, he is living out the journey our foster and adoptive families are on, and his background offers him invaluable perspectives and resources.

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Why did you choose to become a Foster Care & Adoption Case Manager?

My personal experience as a foster and adoptive parent ignited a passion within me to advocate for children in the foster care system and facilitate permanent, loving homes through adoption. I’ve witnessed the challenges and rewards firsthand, and it inspired me to pursue a career where I could leverage my empathy, knowledge, and advocacy skills to support others on their journey to creating nurturing family environments.

What kind of training did PCHAS offer to prepare you for your role?

PCHAS offers a comprehensive training program designed to equip team members with the knowledge and tools necessary to excel in foster care and adoption case management. This training encompasses diverse topics, including trauma-informed care, child development, legal procedures, cultural competence, and crisis intervention. Through ongoing professional development, I can enhance my skills and stay abreast of best practices in the field. This is helpful because it helps me ensure that I provide the highest level of support to the children and families entrusted to my care.

What is the greatest thing about working for PCHAS?

I’m encouraged by the people I work with daily; by their commitment to the families they serve and each other. It’s easy to see in the office, and staff carry this into their work with families. It is not common to see teams of people consistently, authentically embodying and living out their statement of faith in their everyday interactions and service to others. This kind of compassion, integrity, and inclusivity fosters a rarely-found sense of community and belonging. It is a powerful reminder of the profound impact that faith-based organizations can have in creating a more compassionate and just society.

What do you enjoy about being a case manager?

The most fulfilling aspect of my role is witnessing children transform as they transition into a nurturing and stable family environment, surrounded by the love and support they deserve. Facilitating this process and witnessing the joy and fulfillment it brings to both the child and the family is incredibly rewarding. Knowing that I have played a part in creating positive, lasting change in the lives of these families fuels my passion and dedication to my work every day.

Great teams are made up of great team members. We are thankful for the passion, commitment, and expertise Eddie and all our Case Managers use daily to help foster and adoptive families ensure children are safe and feel loved. If you are thinking about fostering or adopting, you need an agency with case managers you can trust to handle all the details. PCHAS has you covered! Learn more by joining one of our weekly Online Info Sessions or connect with a Foster Care & Adoption Guide at or 281-324-0544.

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