Building A Little Community

Nov 13, 2023 - In the News, Foster Care and Adoption


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Community is important to Travis and Lindsay. They are an active couple and enjoy spending time with friends and family. While they enjoyed riding their bikes and walking their dogs, they wanted to be parents and create memories as a family.

Travis and Lindsay discussed their future family in college and agreed they would like to adopt someday. So, when they experienced infertility, pivoting to adoption felt natural. They began researching and found an Information Meeting in their community, where they met Lacey and connected with PCHAS. Lacey explained how foster care and adoption work and the expectations of foster and adoptive families. As they learned more about the needs in their community, they wanted to support families working towards reunification, so Lindsay and Travis expanded their goals beyond adoption to include foster care.

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In April of 2022, Isaac joined Lindsay and Travis’ family through foster care. They welcomed him with open arms and were excited to build a new little community of their own as a family. Isaac played on the local soccer team, they went to the beach, and Travis and Lindsay’s families became certified babysitters to give Isaac regular grandparent time.

In addition to the support from their family, Travis and Lindsay say they had the best team helping Isaac. They rave about their support from Child Protective Services (CPS), Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA) and PCHAS. Lindsay credits their training from PCHAS as a significant part of their success.

They assumed Isaac would only be in their home for a short time, but reunification efforts were unsuccessful. When the court changed the goal of his permanency plan to adoption, they asked Travis and Lindsay if they would consider adopting him. They excitedly said they would love for him to join their family forever. Lindsay and Travis adopted Isaac this Spring, just one year after he first entered their home. They celebrated at their community park with family and friends.

Today, Travis and Lindsay are living life with their community, as they always have, and they are excited Isaac is now part of that community. Have you ever considered serving your community as a foster or adoptive family? PCHAS Foster Care & Adoption Guides are ready to connect with you. Call 281-324-0544, email, or Join An Online Info Session to learn more.

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