Why Should Kinship Caregivers Get Licensed?

Sep 21, 2022 - In the News, Foster Care and Adoption


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When the state of Texas takes conservatorship of children due to abuse or neglect, they need a loving family until the kids can safely return home. In the past, foster families were the primary resource when kids had to be away from their parents, but today, Kinship Caregivers are leading the way. Kinship caregivers are relatives and friends who have relationships with the children or their families.

Kids in care receive Medicaid to cover healthcare expenses, and kinship caregivers can receive a stipend for 12 months if they meet specific income guidelines. These families often step in to help children they love with almost no notice, taking on significant costs and responsibilities. These resources are helpful but only help with a small portion of the needs many kinship caregivers encounter.

Texas Kinship Caregivers have the opportunity to become verified (also known as licensed) for foster care for whatever time the children need to be in care. If kinship caregivers choose to complete the steps to become verified with PCHAS, their resources increase significantly.

  • Kinship families who foster through PCHAS will receive almost $500 more each month to help offset the cost of caring for children.
  • PCHAS assigns each kinship family a case manager to help through the licensing process and advocate for them in decisions and court proceedings.
  • PCHAS can sometimes offer kinship families financial assistance to complete the licensing process.
  • Children in kinship care have experienced trauma due to abuse or neglect and separation from their parents. PCHAS staff offer kinship families specialized support and services to help guide children toward healing.
  • If children cannot return home, PCHAS can help kinship families obtain legal permanency through Adoption or Permanent Managing Conservatorship and support for the kids until adulthood.

Kinship families don’t say “yes” to kids they love because of money. Most Kinship caregivers commit to ensuring the wellbeing of their grandkids, nieces, nephews and godchildren without giving much thought to how they’ll navigate the expenses and needs of raising more children. They love and will do anything for their family. 

At PCHAS, we believe kinship families deserve support as they change their whole lives to ensure kids are safe and feel loved. If you’re a kinship caregiver, PCHAS can help you access support and resources to help your family thrive. Connect with us at 281-324-0544 or for more information.

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