It Is Possible! You Can Do It!

Jul 21, 2022 - In the News, Success Stories, Foster Care and Adoption


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If you’re single and have thought about fostering or adopting, you probably have questions and may even have some fears. We recently visited with Delilah, a single foster mom who provides kids a safe and loving home when they have to be away from their family. Delilah shared about her experience, as well as some wisdom and encouragement for people like you who may be thinking about taking the next step.

Delilah began fostering in the fall of 2020 during the COVID-19 pandemic and she and her pre-teen daughter have given four different children the family they desperately needed. Delilah talked about some of her fears and the reality of what fostering has been like. “Initially, I feared running into biological families in public while having their children with me,” Delilah shared. “I felt I would not know what to do… This of course has not happened, but it was an initial fear of mine.” 

Sheri Shaffer, PCHAS Foster Care & Adoption Case Manager, beams with excitement when she talks about Delilah’s care for the child in her home right now and even talked about how well Delilah is doing as she interacts with the child’s relatives.

Delilah also feared becoming attached to children and the heartbreak she would feel if they were reunified. It has been hard, but she’s endured. Delilah shared, “at the end of the day, if you have a passion for this, you know you are in it to help children in need, so that makes it more meaningful and worth it.”

Delilah also shared how she perseveres:

I often think to myself, ‘Where else would they be or where will they go?’ I know I can provide a safe place... My strength comes from knowing the children are being loved and taken care of in my home. I stay positive knowing I’ve done what God called me to do as this is something I am passionate about.

Support is a common theme in foster care because it’s critical for families to have help throughout their journey. Delilah shared, “I have a really good support system.  I shared my desires to foster and adopt with my family and friends; they were immediately on board. Some were able to be cleared to assist with babysitting; this definitely helped.”

Delilah noted the importance of having open communication with family and friends and she’s also found PCHAS staff to be helpful in finding resources and support, when possible. She says, “it literally takes a village, and I have support here.”

When we asked Delilah what she would want to tell other singles who are considering fostering or adopting, she was confident that, “It is possible! You can do it! If it’s really in your heart to do this type of work, to foster children, you have the resources and support from PCHAS. If it’s something you love, go for it!”

PCHAS is thankful for Delilah. It is inspiring to see the impact she has on children needing family. If you’ve thought about fostering or adopting, our Foster Care & Adoption Guides want to connect with you. You can reach out to 512-212-5700 or and you can also sign up for an Online Info Session to learn more.

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