It Takes a Village

Jul 07, 2022 - In the News, Foster Care and Adoption


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At PCHAS, we’re honored to walk with foster, adoptive and kinship families and every day we see the truth and wisdom in the proverb, “it takes a village to raise a child.” We are grateful for those who choose to become family for children who need one, but even if you don’t personally feel that calling, you have gifts and abilities you can use to help children and the families who care for them. In many cases, but not all, the best place to start is by thinking about the families you know who are caring for vulnerable children. Here are some ideas to help you get started.

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Drop Off Meals

Home life can be particularly hectic when children first join the family. There are additional requirements and expectations, like home visits from caseworkers, documentation and follow-up after doctor visits and ongoing therapy services. These necessary appointments can leave little time to make a home-cooked dinner. You can help alleviate a family’s stress by prepping some meals, buying frozen entrees or making a casserole to ensure a warm meal is on their table after a busy day.

Donate Clothing and Other Items

When children come to live with a foster family, they may not have many items of their own. Dropping off personal hygiene items, new or gently used clothes and shoes, school supplies and other items they may need can be a way to help kids feel more at home. Ask the family for a list to ensure they aren’t overwhelmed with stuff they don’t need or can’t use.

Assist in Daily Tasks

Nobody wants to feel like a burden, so it can be difficult for families to ask for help. Offering to wash dishes, fold laundry, mow the lawn or pick up a grocery order can add hours back into the day of a busy family you know. Look for ways you can help, and then offer directly. For example, “just let me know how I can help,” requires the family to think of ideas and then boldly ask. Instead, say something like, “I want to help your family have a fun and relaxing weekend, can I mow your lawn on Saturday morning?” You can also share this Family Profile Form from our friends at The Riverside Project as a way to help foster, adoptive and kinship families you care about communicate their preferences.

Pray and Encourage

Every family is unique and the best ways to lift them up will vary, but you can pray with confidence that families and children involved with the foster care system would persevere in the challenging moments and experience blessing even when they don’t expect it. God knows their hearts and sees their needs.

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You can also look for ways to encourage foster, adoptive and kinship families you know. Calling, texting or sending a handwritten note of encouragement can mean the world. Sharing a way you’ve seen the family handle a difficult situation or just letting them know you think they are amazing parents can be energizing, and God may use you to bring the words they need at just the right moment. Be vulnerable and encourage families with the words you are thinking!

This list is not exhaustive, so be creative. Your talents and gifts can impact families in ways you may never imagine. The most important part is choosing to serve and finding a way to get involved.

And, if you’ve ever thought about fostering or adopting, there are nearly 14,000 children in foster care in Texas. Most of these kids are school-age and many are part of a sibling group. They need families like you. To learn how you can become family for children who need one, connect with a Foster Care & Adoption Guide at 512-212-5700 or or Join an Online Info Session.

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