Passing the Torch

Nov 03, 2021 - In the News, Success Stories, Foster Care and Adoption


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Charles and Kari were interested in foster care, but they didn’t know the need for families was so great. When they contacted PCHAS, they were still trying to figure it all out. The team answered their questions and also connected them with a local foster family. The mentor couple loved fostering, but their home was full and they couldn’t take any more kids. This spoke to Charles and Kari and they saw the opportunity to carry the torch and give more kids a chance to be fostered in their small community.

As quickly as possible, Charles and Kari completed the steps to be licensed with PCHAS and began fostering. In the past four years, they’ve cared for thirteen children. Most have been reunified with family members, but several have not been able to return home. When asked if they would consider adopting the kids they have grown to love, Charles and Kari emphatically said, “Yes! We are their family.”

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So, even though adoption wasn’t their goal, Kari and Charles are now Mom and Dad to Abbigail and Arianna. Soon, they’ll finalize the adoption of their son. And, they are fostering three more kids, as well. The family is often asked, “Is it worth it?” “How many children?” and “Would you do it again?” They always tell them that foster care and adoption is hard, but these kids and families are worth it. 

Charles and Kari’s journey has now come full circle. Their family is full so they cannot accept any more children into their home, but there are still kids who need families to foster and adopt. They are hoping more families will step forward and help carry the torch.

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