What Makes a Great Foster Parent? Putting Kids First

May 07, 2021 - In the News


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LaMar always knew he wanted to foster. He’s not certain if the motivation came from being raised around children in his mother’s daycare or working with kids in a children’s home, but he can’t remember a time when the idea of fostering wasn’t in his future.

As 2017 wrapped up, LaMar knew it was time to get started. He made his New Year’s Resolution and called PCHAS. He completed the training, documentation and home study assessment for verification to foster by May and welcomed the first child into his home three days later.

As a new single dad, LaMar quickly saw areas where he needed more help. He’s the kind of person who invests in others and enjoys people, so he didn’t have a hard time rallying his family and friends for support. He also connected with the foster care and adoption ministry at his church, where he met other families on the same journey.

PCHAS Senior Case Manager Geralda Dukuly shares that LaMar is flexible and always figures out how to keep up with appointments for the children. When he wasn’t able to take off work for Spring Break one year, he got permission to set up his workspace so that his child could be with him. His work team was supportive and had fun with the change to the routine.

Recently, LaMar opened his home for four siblings separated in care. Brothers and sisters often have to live in different homes because of a shortage of foster families. In Texas, only 43% of sibling groups with three or more children reside with the same family.* Even though it would be a challenge, LaMar took in the group to help them adjust to living together again. He hopes to make their transition back to their birth parents a little smoother.

People often want to know what makes a great foster parent. The answer is simple: They put kids first. It is rarely easy, but when you know your purpose and you have the support you need, even hard things are rewarding. We’re thankful for LaMar and for the foster and adoptive families like him who open their hearts and their lives to ensure that kids are safe and feel loved.

There’s a huge need in our community for families that will foster siblings. Join Us for an Online Info Session or Connect with a Foster Care & Adoption Guide to learn how you can become family for children who need one.


*Source: DFPS Data Book FY2020

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