Kinship Families: We Have Help For You

Feb 04, 2021 - Foster Care and Adoption


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When CPS removes children due to abuse or neglect, they call relatives and family friends hoping to find the kids a safe home with people they know. 

If you’re a Kinship Caregiver, you probably remember that call very well. You likely received a bunch of information that didn’t all make sense, but you said “yes” because you love your family.

Now the kids are in your home, you’re talking to caseworkers, participating in visits, going to court, following rules and completing paperwork. It’s a lot!

At PCHAS, Kinship Families hold a special place in our heart and we want to make this complicated system a little easier for you. 

We often learn that Kinship Families don’t even know about all of the resources available. For example, did you know Kinship Families can be licensed as a Foster Family? When you complete the licensing steps, you’ll receive a monthly reimbursement, the kids will be covered by Medicaid, and our case managers will be by your side to handle the details. If the children cannot reunify with their parents, we can also help you transition to a permanent legal status (sometimes that’s through adoption).

Wondering what to do next? Give us a call at 281-324-0544 or send us an email to today. Our team is here for you.

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