A Little Bit of Love

May 22, 2019 - In the News, Success Stories


A Little Bit Of Love 1

Before I knew his name, I prayed for a child, calling him Little Bit or LB* for short. I had found my professional calling but also felt called to be a mom. Then, early one morning, I woke up to a phone call asking if I'd foster a baby a few months older than I’d planned. The Lord had called me to surrender to ‘anything’ that He may call me to do. I said yes before I knew his name.

That moment was the culmination of a more than year-long certification journey. It was also the culmination of a decades-long journey of God stirring my heart to care for little ones in foster care. But since LB is my first foster son, his arrival was also a beginning.

I'd heard that foster parenting is a rollercoaster. It’s true. The ride has been a bit wild. The first week was hard! But PCHAS provides a place where LB and I are already known. I came to a training the first week LB was with me. After the conclusion of the training one of the staff was checking in with me about how things were going. I was in such a whirlwind that I hadn't had a moment to even reflect on how I was. It was all so new. "I know the first week is the hardest," she said. It was a freeing gift to simply be known and understood in the whirlwind.

Throughout the process of discerning whether to become a foster parent and during the year of certification, God revealed his faithfulness, love and provision in ways I hadn't known before. He continues to provide for me–when a friend calls out of the blue saying they're bringing by a meal or a stranger at the airport helps us get all of our baby gear onto the plane. At times, he reaches out before I even recognize the need. He is so faithful!

A Little Bit Of Love 2

With each month, I can definitely say that LB and I grow closer and have more fun together. We both like to be on the go and stay active outdoors, and we delight in visiting the zoo and parks.

I'll be forever grateful that I get to be LB's foster mama and for the village that continues to love us so well.

Written by Katie Nixon

*This nickname is used throughout to protect the privacy of the child.

To learn more about how you can foster a child in need, contact us online or call 800.888.1904.

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